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Utensil Holder with Pisa Lean and Ball Feet

Utensil Holder with Pisa Lean and Ball Feet

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Ceramic utensil holder. Built with a slight lean like the Tower of Pisa except it was intentional (no shade to Pisa, of course—it was built on shaky ground quite literally). 

While unconfirmed by historians, a popular account says Galileo Galileo dropped two canon balls from the tower to see if their mass affected their range of if acceleration and disprove Aristotle’s theory of gravity which said the heavier an object the faster its acceleration.

Nothing has been dropped from this utensil holder, but Misa has dropped a paw on it. 


- Small irregular rectangular prism-shaped utensil holder

- Hand built

- Clear glaze with craze effect 

- Secret signature of Misa the cat on the underside

- No cats were harmed in the making of this work

- Cat not included. Find a rescue like Misa at the Atlanta Humane Society.  

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