Can Pomelo create a custom wedding ring with my stones family jewelry?

Yes! How sustainable! We'd love to create a bespoke piece for you. Jewelry with a special history behind it is magical, and we'd be delighted to see if we could make a custom piece for you. Email us at hello@pomelonyc.com and our design team will set up a free consultation.


Why does Pomelo use cultivated diamonds?

We love using cultivated diamonds (made in a lab as opposed to dug in a mine) whenever possible to minimize our carbon footprint and encourage a shift in the industry to be more forward-thinking in sustainability, transparenvy, and human rights.

Mined diamonds and cultivated diamonds are atomically the same; they just have different origins. One harms the environment (and sometimes people) more than the other. With our lab grown diamonds, we can be 100% certain they have not had a history of conflict or violence. When lab diamonds aren’t an option, we use recycled diamonds to minimize environmental impact as well as the demand for newly mined diamonds. 

We want to build on the work of environmentalists and human rights advocates to support a future where cultivated gemstones are the norm. Where they are considered superior for having the same colors, durability, and atomic makeup as mined gemstones but without the harm to our global community. Let’s be better stewards and keep our jewelry and our world sparkling for future generations to come. 


Why you sell 10–24K solid gold?

On solid gold: we believe jewelry is wearable art and ought to be designed with consideration for form, function, and sustainability. Unlike plated, gold filled, or vermeil jewelry, our jewelry is solid gold. This means your piece will last. Think of your piece as an instant heirloom!

We make our in house collection works one by one and celebrate that your piece will last your lifetime without a thin plating of gold rubbing off and leaving behind brass or an alloy destined for a landfill. Plus we love how gold is essentially infinitely recyclable without affecting its incredible durability and other characteristics.

On accessibility: folks in their 20s want to express themselves with their jewelry but those who are conscious of the temporal nature of fast fashion and its negative impact on the environment and their budget. The fashion industry produces incredible amounts of post-consumer waste when it feeds into an unsustainable cycle of producing pieces not designed to last (or designed with their end-of-life in mind) and encouraging consumers to consume and consume and consume. The good news is, there are more sustainable and affordable options available: sterling silver, cultured pearl jewelry, and 10K or 14K solid gold pieces are great for people exploring jewelry and self expression. 

For your aunties (you know the ones we're talking about), who will frown at your light yellow gold, we offer 18K, 22K, and 24K gold jewelry (both for you and them!). The warm yellow hues and value are unmatched.

22K and 24K solid gold jewelry are more challenging to find in the United States (especially from ecommerce platforms that use responsibly sourced gold/gemstones and sustainable packaging) so Pomelo is a great way for new generations to connect to their heritage in alignment with their values.