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Tea Chart

Tea Chart

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For the tactilely-inclined tea lovers in your life: the Tea Chart, a letterpress print of--you guessed it--tea! Made by Archie's Press. We hang our Tea Chart in the kitchen where its letterpress impressions take the morning light most gently and the print humbly observes our daily tea ceremony.

"Green Tea

White Tea

Black Tea

Oolong Tea

What do they all have in common? They all come from the same plant Camellia sinensis.

What else? Not much! Each type of tea is subject to a variety of processes (sometimes more oxidation, sometimes less, sometimes ground to a powder), resulting in wildly different flavors and effects.

Max Falkowitz, a super famous tea writer, and I worked on isolating the major distinctions between each type of tea, including \ famous variations and their stories."


- 8 x 8" letterpress print

- LGBTQ+ owned business

- Made in the United States

About Archie's Press: Archie Archambault is a designer and printer living in New York. While he was living in Portland, he got lost a lot. The best way to get un-lost is draw a map, and when he drew a circular map of Portland, Archie's Press was born. The idea unfolded into many other maps of different subjects, showing their structures in simple and intuitive ways. Everything is letterpress printed with a deep tactile impression.

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