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Not Too Sweet Mini Ring

Not Too Sweet Mini Ring

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Our Not Too Sweet chain in a tiny ring edition! We like the subtle glitter, the flowing spiral, and the delicate design. It’s even daintier than our Not Too Sweet chain; it’s the same chain style but 70% thinner and made of 18K gold. Ooh.

Why Not Too Sweet you ask? Well, this diamond-cut Singapore chain is dainty but strong due to its interlocking oval links that make it flexible and smooth. No bending points here. Delicate and yet doesn't rely on bulk for its strength. We love holding space for being both subtle and strong in design at Pomelo. 

So with this bracelet, we imagine our family members making a compliment we hear awarded only to the very best of desserts—whether they be bubble tea, nam van, khao la song, crème brûlée, or chè ba màu—and that is the compliment, "not too sweet". 

The Not Too Sweet Chain is our favorite chain. An ode to our favorite desserts; our Southeast and East Asian heritage; and our mothers, aunties, and grandmothers who raised us.


- 18K yellow gold Singapore chain with 14K jump ring 


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